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Saving and Investing Basics for Kids


little girl lemonade standWhat is money? Money is anything generally accepted as payment for stuff – goods, services, etc. We currently think of money as pieces of paper issued by the U.S. government (for example a $1 bill or a $10 bill). More and more we store and spend our money electronically – more cards and fewer pieces of paper.


How do we get money? By working – parents have jobs and children have allowances and chores. Sometimes you may receive money as a birthday or holiday gift. Some older children may have part-time jobs (mowing a neighbor’s lawn or watching a younger child)…


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Saving for College


A lot of money in a glass bottle labeled CollegeCollege is expensive. Not only is college a significant expense, recent history has shown annual cost increases far exceed the overall inflation rate. Currently the U.S. currently has over $1 trillion in student loans with the average student leaving college with $30,000 in debt.


It’s still beneficial to attend college. Numerous studies and reports are available that show college graduates earn more and have higher employment rates than non-graduates…


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On May 1, 2014

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