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The following introduces the general financial planning topics along with some practical questions that each individual or family should consider and evaluate. Viceroy understands advice must be tailored to each individual and their specific situation. While Viceroy directly provides some of the below services to clients, we can help facilitate conversations with professionals for those services that we do not provide.

  • Investments

    • How much can you save
    and invest?
    • What do you expect investments
    to earn?
    • Are you saving for college or other events?

  • Fundamentals

    • What do you spend, save,
    and invest?
    • How will this change
    over time?

  • Retirement Planning

    • What does your retirement
    look like?
    • How do you plan to fund
    your retirement?

  • Insurance Planning

    • Are you properly insured?
    • Who provides your coverage?

  • Estate Planning

    • Is your plan by design
    or default?
    • Are your wishes incorporated
    into your plan?

  • Income Tax Planning

    • Do you have significant
    taxable events?
    • Are you handling your taxes appropriately for your situation?

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On May 30, 2013

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